Virtual Race 13.1

Half Marathon, 10K, 5K, 1 Mile Run
Will it be easy? Nope. Worth it? Absolutely. - Unknown
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Race Details

When is Race Week?

  • You can complete and upload your race anytime between 12:01am August 15 - 11:59pm August 21.

How should I select my route?

Does this race count towards the Race 13.1 3x, 7x and 13x medals?

  • Yes, if you complete this virtual event, it will count toward the Race 13.1 3x, 7x and 13x multi-race medals. If this will be your 3x, 7x or 13x race, we will email you after the race with instructions on how to receive your 3x, 7x or 13x medal.

Can I use the Race 13.1 Season Pass to register for the virtual event?

  • No, the Season Pass is not valid for virtual races.

​Can I use my Race Bucks to register for the virtual event?

  • No, Race Bucks cannot be used on virtual races.

How should I track my race?

  • If you have a GPS watch, such as a Garmin, that tracks distance, time and cumulative elevation gain, then use that!

  • If you do not have a GPS watch, we would recommend using MapMyRun or a similar app that allows you to export your data. Be sure that the app you choose measures elevation gain! 

    To export your data from MapMyRun
  1. ​Click on the menu item "Activity Feed"
  2. Select the correct entry
  3. Click on the button that looks like this:  to the left of your workout data.
  4. Email the workout to yourself. The email will contain a link to your workout. Copy and paste this link into the "URL of Online GPS Data" field when posting your results.
  5. You can find the elevation gain by scrolling to the next screen when viewing your workout data:


  • Remember, you must record your time, distance (shortly over the distance you registered for), and the cumulative elevation gain to be scored! 

What is the difference between Net Elevation Gain and Cumulative Elevation Gain?

  • Net Elevation Gain is the sum of your elevation gain (hills you ran up) and elevation loss (hills you ran down). By starting and finishing within 50 feet of the same location, every runner will have a Net Elevation Gain of approximately 0 feet.

  • Cumulative Elevation Gain is the sum of the elevation gained (hills you ran up), but does NOT adjust for the hills you ran down. Runners will have different Cumulative Elevation Gain based on how hilly or flat their course is. This is the number your GPS device will show and the number you will enter when you submit your results.

What is Calibrated Time?

  • Your Calibrated Time takes into account the actual distance you ran and your cumulative elevation gain to give you a result that compares to everyone else in the race, regardless of the difference in your courses or total distance ran. 

  • If you run a very hilly course, you will likely run a bit slower than if you ran a flat course, so your time will be calibrated downward slightly. Alternatively, if you ran a completely flat course with no cumulative elevation gain, your time will not be calibrated downward.

  • If you run 13.6 miles instead of 13.1 miles, your time will be calibrated downward as if you ran exactly 13.1 miles.  

How do I enter my results?

  • If you would like to see your result scored and compared to all other virtual participants, you can upload your results with the instructions above. During race week, this tab will show an option to upload your results!

  • You must upload your results by 11:59pm on Sunday, August 21.

  • ​You must enter your time, total distance run, cumulative elevation gain, and the unique website URL to your run (such as Strava, Garmin Connect, MapMyRun, etc.)

Where can I see the Race Results?

  • At the end of the Race Weekend, all the results will be posted so you can see how your calibrated time stacks up against the rest of the field. We will send an email to every participant once results are posted.

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