Raleigh - Fall

Half Marathon, 10K, 5K Run
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Cancellation FAQs
Where can I learn more about the Virtual Race options?
You have two virtual race options - The Bull City Race Fest or the City of Oaks Marathon Virtual Edition


How do I transfer my registration to a virtual race or race credit?
You will need to fill out the Cancellation Options Form before Friday, August 7 at Noon. In this form you will be able to choose to run either the Bull City Race Fest Virtual Race or the City of Oaks Marathon Virtual Edition, or to receive race credit for your registration.
Click Here to Fill Out The Form!

When do I need to decide what to do with my registration?
You will need to fill out the Cancellation Options Form before Friday, August 7 at Noon.

Will I get all the swag from the virtual races?
Yes, once you choose to transfer your registration over to either virtual race you'll automatically receive all the swag!

Do I need to update my swag sizing?
Nope, we will be using the apparel size you selected during your registration for the Race 13.1 Raleigh-Fall. 

Do I need a discount code or voucher to use credit?

Nope! The credit is connected to the email address you used during registration. You'll need to use this email address during your next registration for the credit to apply.

How do I use my credit?
To use your credit you must sign up for an upcoming Capston Races event with the email address associated with your credit and select a distance. The credit will then be automatically deducted from your registration fee.