Become a Race 13.1 Charity Partner

Producing a great race requires a lot of time and money. While it is increasingly popular for nonprofit organizations to put on their own events, research shows that for charities, putting on their own race is a very inefficient use of time and resources. Because of this, Race 13.1 has created a structure that provides all the great benefits of being a part of a race without all the challenges that come along with it. Here are the ways we work with our Official Charity Partners. If you’re interested in using a Race 13.1 event to raise money for your cause, we’d love to hear from you – please email us at

  • Marketing – Race 13.1 invests heavily in digital and print marketing for each race. Our Official Charity Partner is included in all of our marketing, helping to raise awareness for the cause.
  • Registration Donations – The Official Charity Partner is listed on the registration form so that runners may donate during the registration process. 100% of runner donations go to the charity.
  • Peer to Peer Fundraising – All runners have access to our peer-to-peer fundraising tools, which enable them to raise money from friends and family to donate to a charity of their choice. Our tools facilitate the fundraising so that it’s really simple for everyone involved.
  • Team Fundraising ¬– Charities have the opportunity to organize teams to raise money and run our races. Each person who joins the team commits to raise a certain amount of money, typically $100 – $500, depending on the race distance. When team members reach their fundraising goal, they receive entry into the race through the charity.
  • Race Promotion Fundraising – Tired of bake sales and car washes to raise money? It’s time to start selling race entries! We will provide your charity a unique URL that people can use to register for the race. We will track how many people use your link to register for the race, and Race 13.1 will make a donation to your charity based on the number of people you get to register!