A Fresh Start!

08 Jan 2014

A Fresh Start!

So you’ve made your 2014 resolutions  and if you’re reading this blog, running is likely on your list.

January is the best time to start planning and tracking your miles and you don’t need wearable tech gear to do it. There are free online sites that will help you plan your routes, track your miles and connect you with other runners. The site I’m most familiar with is DailyMile.com. It has been described as Facebook for runners.

Dailymile allows you to track a variety of activities such as cycling, yoga, swimming and more. The site gives you useful details such as distance, time, pace and calories burned, You no longer have to drive your intended route to figure out mileage. Dailymile’s Route feature allows you to plan or find routes other runners have mapped.

Another useful feature is tracking miles on running shoes to prevent injury. Once your shoes exceed their life span, chances of injury increase so tracking shoe miles is a good way to stay ahead of worn shoes.

The best feature is the social networking capabilities and being able to connect with other runners locally or globally. Community members can also create or join challenges.

Keeping track of your weekly miles and watching the numbers grow over the year is so motivating-sometimes it is the deciding factor in getting out of the door. No one wants 0 miles on their profile! Tracking progress is a proven method to sticking to goals.

There are other resources available online to get you motivated and help you stay the course. My other favorite online sources of inspiration are blogs, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Race 131 has all the bases covered to keep you running inspired. Follow, Like and  Share!







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